"I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever
made of the fantasy of Nature."
Coco Chanel

“Crazy lace” is found on or just below the surface to the south of the Blue Lace mine. It is not sold commercially but occasionally pieces are available for
small-scale lapidary work. It makes a most attractive jewellery box or sphere. It is a real mixture of minerals and may give us some additional clues as to the formation of Blue Lace.
 This is Patience, so-called because of the long time it took to work this hard stone.
She is 1.5 kg and 16 × 11 cm
 These are two views of a crazy lace stone, which is both polished and unpolished. A stone like this would make beautiful cabochons or boxes as it is hard and fine grained. 15 × 13 cm
 Above and below are views of another stone, with the back left unpolished, and the two sides polished. 16 × 11 cm
The 5-eyed Toad
This shows the original bubble-like formation on top of the stone, which is comprised of a whole mixture of colours including blue chalcedony. The eyes are glass beads.
Two polished slabs of “Crazy Lace”.